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We carry Polish & European wide variety of foods, such as kielbasa, pierogi, cheese, bread and more...



Parcel services from the USA to Europe, including Poland, are essential for individuals and businesses needing to send packages internationally. Biedronka Polish Deli, located in Toms River and Lakewood, New Jersey, offers such services to its customers. Biedronka Polish Delis collaborates with various parcel carriers to offer international shipping services to Poland and other European countries.

Customers sending parcels to Europe often value the ability to track their shipments throughout the delivery process. International shipments require proper documentation and compliance with customs regulations.

Biedronka Polish Deli may assist customers with completing customs forms and guide what can and cannot be shipped to Poland to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Proper packaging is crucial to protect items during transit, especially for international shipments. Biedronka Polish Deli could offer packaging services or sell packaging materials like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape to ensure parcels are securely packaged for their journey to Europe.

Customers will likely compare shipping rates and delivery times when sending parcels to Europe. Biedronka Polish Deli may offer competitive shipping rates and estimate delivery times to different regions of Poland, allowing customers to choose the most suitable shipping option based on their budget and urgency.

Offering insurance options for international shipments gives customers peace of mind, knowing their packages are protected against loss or damage during transit. Biedronka Polish Deli could provide insurance options for an additional fee to cover the total value of the parcel.

Excellent customer service is essential for parcel services. Biedronka Polish Deli may provide dedicated customer support to assist customers with any questions or concerns regarding their international shipments, tracking updates, or customs-related inquiries.

By offering comprehensive parcel services from the USA to Poland and other European destinations, Biedronka Polish Deli in Toms River and Lakewood, NJ, could cater to the needs of their customers who require reliable and efficient international shipping solutions.